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What is Reality?

What is Reality?
Starkness of reality is blasphemy, if a sacridity disturbs the peace in the dark, solumn silence of disturbances.
Yet, a fine line between what is, and what is not reality; which is left and not realized...starkly.
Because it would atomically split the sacredness of silence, and the stark reality left would starkly blaspheme the sacredness of itself.
That is the non-blasphemic, stark reality of God.

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Life Today is Sinful...

It is truly almost sinful how so many of us live, attributing more importance to the purchase of technological toys rather than investing in ourselves in order to discover true meaning, purpose and inner peace in our lives.

While it may be the innate objective of our spirits to achieve life eternal, the spirit is not born with the knowhow. It could take a lifetime of thought and relentless searching to unlock the secrets, but there have already been many of mankind who have recorded their own journeys. We need only open our minds and take advantage.

But first, we must realize that the achievement of spiritual serenity is critical if we yearn for authentic happiness. Then, we must devote our hearts and set aside time to not only study, but to celebrate the blessings bestowed upon us by our Creator.

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Bestow a blessing on a lady you love, including yourself if you are a female, and give her the gift of EssenceCare™. It is study material and celebration all in one.

The EssenceCare™ Library (See Navigation Menu, above):

The EssenceCare™ Library is a head start. It has been inspired that the Library be made as comprehensive as possible, given the grant of time. All visitors are welcome to suggest library additions, however said editions may not be available or immediately available for inclusion. It is an encouragement toward a right direction and the opportunity for a mankind woman to share with all people the knowledge of the guidance said womb of man was so blessed to be guided toward and divinated to comprehend. It also contains excerpts and theses of thought authored by Paeti Gustav Xaviers, Patti Gustav Xaviers and/or Patti Markow. It is an opportunity for a all people to begin a wonderfully worthwhile passage.

~ Miss Xaviers' Sample Autobiography ~

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